FCCU Downtown Ice Rink

Just went to the rink and it needs some love?
Call us at 701-757-4051 and we’ll get the snow shoveled and ice resurfaced right away!




  • Kids 12 and under must have attentive adult supervision at all times.

  • No sitting or leaning on the rink perimeter.

  • Play safe on the ice, no chain skating, punishing, reckless skating or skating in a manner that may jeopardize the safety of one's self or others.

  • Please do not leave personal items unattended. The Grand Forks Downtown Development Association is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

  • No food or drinks are permitted on the skating surface.

  • No headphones allowed on the skating surface while skating.

  • No abusive language or antisocial behavior on the skating surface.

  • Respect the ice, do not kick or chip at the skating surface or the sideboards.

  • Skaters must skate in the same direction as the "flow of traffic".

  • Skaters shall not take personal items (such as cameras, purses or other loose personal items) onto the skating surface.

  • Please keep exits to and from the ice clear at all times.

  • No hockey sticks or pucks

  • Skate at your own risk

  • Maximum 63 skaters